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Convert a binary search tree to sorted list

Ques: You have given a binary search tree and you need to change this tree to link list that contains nodes in sorted order. Solution: We all know that smaller values are on left side. So we need to keep left side values at first place for sorted list. To make this happen we will […]

Find the loop in a given Link List. Analyze the complexity of solution.

Link list is one of those data structures on which you can find a lot of stuff on internet. From a very simple problem to a complex one. Here in this blog also we are going to discuss problems along the same line. Continuing in the same direction, let’s discuss our first problem. Suppose you […]

Understanding Linked List

We need data structure while writing the program. Doesn’t matter if it is a small program or a complex application, but you need data structures to hold your data so that you can process the data whenever required. Each data structure as its own pros and cons. For an example, in array you have direct […]